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Children perform traditional Cantonese opera

(18 Dec 2009)
AP Television
Hong Kong, 8 /10 Nov 2009
1. Wide performance
2. Wide Children doing stretching exercise under teacher’s instruction
3. Mid children bending down to reach their legs on bar
4. Wide children practicing front splits
5. Wide children doing kicks
6. Pan across children practicing turning their bodies
7. Cutaway to parents waiting
8. Wide teacher helping a child do a handstand
9. Wide Tang Ting Man singing with some hand movement
10. Wide Tang Ting Man practicing a fighting scene with another child with long spears
11. Wide Tang Ting Man practicing an empty- handed flip with the help of a teacher
12. SOUNDBITE (Cantonese) Tang Ting Man, 11 years-old:
“The funniest part of Cantonese Opera is martial arts, doing side flips on hands or empty handed flips are so much fun, exciting and interesting.”
13. Pan wide exterior of Sunbeam Theatre
14. Wide entrance to Sunbeam Theatre, a sign in English and Cantonese ” House Full.”
15. Teacher applying a white make up on Tang Ting Man’s face
16. Wide room packed with children doing make up
17. Close Tang Ting Man’s face with white and red make up
18. Wide mirror reflection of teacher putting make up on Tang Ting Man’s face
19. Wide mother feeding rice to Tang Ting Man
20. Close Tang Ting Man with make up eating
21. Wide parents helping Tang Ting Man to put on costume
22. Close tying a knot on trousers
23. Wide Tang Kwong Fai, father of Tang Ting Man, holding the ponytails
24. SOUNDBITE (Cantonese) Tang Kwong Fai:
” Initially I didn’t think they would like it, the Cantonese opera songs are so long and it takes a long time to sing, I thought they wouldn’t like it. However, they like it more and more, they think the songs are beautiful, so they just love it.”
25. Wide mirror reflection of teacher applying make up on a girl’s face
26. Close teacher’s face
27. Close a hand taking some black make up with a small brush
28. Close applying of black make up around eyes
29. Wide applying red on lips
30. Close drawing red on lips
31. Wide some black hair pieces with glue on a wooden plate
32. Close putting black hair piece on a girl’s head
33. Putting on trousers, tilt up face of Tang Ting Man
34. Wide parents helping Tang Ting Man to dress
35. Close buttoning up of clothes
36. Close sleeves
37. Teacher putting a jewelled helmet on Tang Ting Man’s head
38. Close Tang Ting Man with jewelled helmet
39. Close shoes on Tang Ting Man’s head
40. Wide an actor with yellow costume
41. Mid an actor with white costume
42. SOUNDBITE (Cantonese) Leung Kwong Cheong, Founder, Small Red Boat: “The major difficulty is money. For a performance, the band is expensive as well as make-up and costumes. Especially for kids, you can see 5-6 adults serving one child for the preparation. They are not all voluntary workers, everyone needs to be paid. Thus the expense is huge.”
43. Wide teacher talking to actors
44. Actors leaving dressing room
45. Actors and actress waiting behind wings
46. Close face of Tang Ting Man
47. Wide actors watching performance on stage
48. Wide adults performers singing on stage
49. Wide audience
50. Wide Tang Ting Man walking on stage as audience applause
51. Cutaway to band playing
52. Tilt up Tang Ting Man in white fighting with an actor in yellow with swords
53. Cutaway to audience
54. Mid fighting on stage, Tang Ting Man holding her hands with an elegant lotus form
55. Wide Tang Ting Man doing flips on stage, light out
56. Wide teacher talking to Tang Ting Man at dressing room
57. Mid face of Tang Ting Man
Cantonese opera has been recognised by UNESCO and added to it’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. You can license this story through AP Archive: 
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